Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Best Birthday Ever...

Years ago a friend of mine celebrated her 3rd Anniversary of being her daughter's mother (also known as her kid's 3rd birthday party) she is funny like that. My 6th Anniversary of being Abby's mom was a lot of fun to plan, and luckily the birthday girl has already requested a repeat performance next year (as did her boy cousins, who will always appreciate a party that does not include a Disney Princess or a neighbor dressed as Hello Kitty).

The Best Birthday ever started with a Luau / Hawaiian Theme. Lots of cool theme items from the Dollar Store, a luau-esque menu (that was super yummy and was not photographed) and an amazing 20 foot water slide in the backyard that was also known as Paradise.

Crazy Uncles doing tricks!
Cousins who can now swim in the DEEP END!
Hawaiian Punch, of course!
Totally nostalgic and gross- all at the same time.
Lots of aerial tricks in the pool.
The BEST dress up shoes EVER!
A Birthday Girl
The Best Birthday EVER!
Happy 6th Anniversary of being Abby's Mom to Me!
So worth celebrating!

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