Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Clean It Yourself...

That means that the RK Cleaning and Household Chores business is open. Only one client and she (and the 4 year old daughter) is keeping me plenty busy. It seems like the minute one room is done and I start another the previous room is already a mess. I wish that I had the power to give up. But how I enjoy a clean house, the smell the carpet, the shine... My heart skips a beat.
Some how I am going to figure this all out because saving $300+ a month is very appealing. Especially when I see walls that need to be painted and furniture to be made. I think I have finally figured out what to do with my blahz-ah Master Bedroom (hint- it will include the purchase of a door!!!) Oh- and summer vacations are right around the corner!!! I am very excited for what we have planned this summer!

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