Friday, September 18, 2009

A New Discovery...

The School Nurse!
Update on how Jack is doing with his new teacher? Let's just say that on day 2 with "Mrs. New" He ended up in the nurse's office... not once... BUT TWICE! Good grief! This is bad... VERY BAD! Here is why:
  1. Jack had perfect attendance last year (up until his mother pulled him out of school on the field trip to the zoo day to go to Reno to watch his father race- guilty much?)
  2. He hadn't even been to the nurse. I speculate that he didn't know such a person existed at school.
  3. Jack is not so much about change.
  4. Jack doesn't really like to work very hard at "school stuff", it is either easy or impossible.
  5. Jack will look for any excuse to get out of doing "school stuff" if he deems it too hard.

Do you understand now why this is bad? Super nice "Mrs. New" is eager to make sure that all of the children in her new class feels comfortable with their change of scenery and trusts them all (who can fault her? They are 2nd graders!... Trust me after working in the classroom today, I wouldn't trust any of them!).

After trying to get the reason for trips to the nurse's office, all Jack could tell me was a report of the other children's ailments while he was there, 2 for throwing up on the playground, 1 hurt his leg running, and another need a band aid for a blister on her foot.
Then came Monday...
At 10:55, in my mad dash trying to get my errands done before I had to pick up Abby from school at 11:30, I got the call... The nurse. Nurse- Mrs. K, we have Jack here in the office this morning. He has been here once already. He seems fine but his temperature is 99.4 and he is complaining of a stomach ache. Me- Really? Are you sure? Nurse- Yes, Mrs. K. He is asking to go home. Me- Oh! Okay... (really in my mind I am having thoughts of my day crashing in around me and
the swine flu! My friend's kids had it, my in laws had it, CRAP!!! Jack has it!!!) I will be there shortly.
Let's just say... the next time the nurse calls with Jack and a stomach ache. I will tell her to give him a book and make him go to the bathroom and call me back. By the time we got home from picking up Abby he had devoured his entire lunch in the car and his temp never made it over 97.8. Shoo! Shoo! Swine Flu!
I am a horrible mother aren't I?

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