Monday, August 10, 2009

Fright Night is Upon us...

I know that some retailers have a very small window to convince their shoppers to purchase the items that they are pedaling. The worst in my book are the Halloween superstores, especially since every year they open their window wider and wider. I am bitter because we got our second Halloween costume catalog on Saturday. I am not joking- it was #2! Jack was thrilled as were the other 5 children that were at our house when he triumphantly returned with it from the mailbox. The mothers groaned, as the children cheered and settled in to claim what their first, second, and third choice of costumes would be for this Halloween season.
After the children lost interest I grabbed the tattered mess to see what I would not be purchasing for my children this Halloween.
First of all I am glad I am not a parent of a well endowed teen. Frightening!!!
I question the moral compass of designers. Corsets on little girls? Which prompted me to glance at the big girl version of the same dress. Yikes!No Rock Stars or Pink Ladies!I am still debating the qualities of Bakugan themselves, now there is a costume??? Aghhh!At first glance Kermit was my favorite until I looked closer at the pasted on face of this baby in the picture. Never mind!My favorite? The Ewok- the cute fuzzy heroes of the only Star Wars movie I ever liked. And a suggestion- if you are going to send catalogs to my house that have anything to do with something both of my kids want... go ahead and send 2! Laminated would be nice!

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