Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cool Ocean Breezes...

This is as good it gets for a loving sib pic.
Last week of summer. Last chance for a vacation. A beach house provided by my ever generous in-laws. What time should we be there - right?
I love the beach. I even like being beach dirty. Even the threat of "beach hair", doesn't ruin the opportunity to wear a sweatshirt in August. Steve loves the mountains. I am not so much a lover of the mountains, elevation, hiking (I am a walker). AND I hate mountain dirty. It is good to know that the apples fall closer to mom's tree than dad's on some things. Our kids love the beach!!! Not really the water, but Jack is in LOVE with sand! (he could "kiss it" his words not mine).
Better yet we got to walk down memory lane with our kids at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and the local surf spots where Dad once surfed. Mom and Dad feel in love with Board walk because the have TALL BOYS- icy, cold, and available for less then you pay for a Coke at Disneyland!

Girls surf too!

I used to be able to ride the Pirate Ship over and over and over and over again... now? Not so much.

Don't forget vacation treats! Shirley Temples- YUM!

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