Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Have you noticed...

So sometime around the first of the year I started this diet... The problem with a diet is that I don't get to eat enough (of the things that I truly love). So Around March 1, I started thinking "I have been on this diet for weeks now, why am I still wearing my fat jeans? It must be all the exercise that I am doing, gaining muscle and keeping the fat." I know I am a rocket scientist... But really my legs and butt are BIGGER! SO the answer is--- No! I haven't noticed a difference in my body but I am noticing a change in the season, the sun is up earlier and sets later, to my dismay summer is around the corner and I don't want to have to purchase an entirely new wardrobe. Rachel is back on the bandwagon, carrots in hand! I once again bid fairwell to my friends- pizza, beer, cookies, and popcorn, we will reunite again in December for Six Weeks of Gluttony. I love you and I will miss you!

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