Sunday, November 10, 2013

One Year...

Friday marked the 1 year anniversary of the say that the kids and I moved out of our home and the long road to divorce started. It was a long week last week, busy kids, being busy at work, not feeling well, the looming holiday season, left me stressed and anxious, a place I had not been in a long time.

After talking to my sister, she put it best "...Pace yourself. It's too much wasted energy to be annoyed at people doing the same damn thing. You know what to expect. Just prepare for that..." Funny, that is how I have tried to live for the last 12 months, but once things became complicated I forgot.

I have so much to be thankful for-
  • Old friends and new friends who have supported me, and sometimes just tell me what I want to hear but I choose to believe them.
  • An amazing job that I love! Coworkers who make me laugh and make my days short.
  • Two healthy and happy children who work hard at school and in their after school activities.
  • A roof over our heads and food on the table
  • I have a family who tries to do the best they can to support me and my kids.
  • My ability to laugh, because sometimes it is easier to laugh than it is to cry.
I am lucky. I have made it through a lot and I think that I have proved to myself and others that I am stronger than we thought I was.

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Emily said...

I really admire you Rachel!