Saturday, June 15, 2013


Last week was limbo week, school was out but there was nothing that was filling out daily schedule expect 1 hour from 5 to 6pm- swim practice. We couldn't leave town but we had some fun around town and with friends and cousins.
 Breakfast date with Jack at Starbucks, while Abby was at cheer camp.
 A trip the library to pick up a few books, including the required summer reading for 6th grade.
 Homemade croutons.
 Swim Practice.
An intense evening of Connect 4.
 Trip to the Scholastic Warehouse Sale and the eye doctor with a friend.
More trips to "Super" Walmart than I care to count.
Another Swim Practice 
 Requested cuddle time with these two.
Instagram. Follow him-
My new happy place. 
Cheers! How moms survive a day at the water park.

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