Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holding on or Letting go... Holiday Edition

We have moved out, I am trying not to hold on. The holidays is presenting a problem of Christmases past- family traditions, memorable decorations, and time spent with loved ones. Last year, Abby in all of her 6 years of wisdom announced that "Santa has never disappointed me, and neither has MOM AND DAD." No pressure right? I am a Christmas hoarder, I love Christmas decorations, Christmas trees, Christmas music, Christmas parties (and Hanukkah, too), Christmas cards and letters, Christmas movies, the list is endless.

When we moved out I gave away one of my favorite fake Christmas trees, the one that is used to display holiday card from friends and family- letting go. I brought with me 2 trees each with their own significance and box full of memories- holding on. For a woman who used to have a 4000 square foot house that would display 7 trees during the holidays, 2 trees is quite the downgrade.

Today's struggle is with holding on or letting go. He brought over 20 boxes of Christmas decorations yesterday. I want nothing to do with any of it really, I am ready to let go. But then there are the kids to think about, the expectation of Christmas is pretty high. So what do I hold on to? My brain does not even want to consider any of it, it can all go back. And then I talk to him- "what am I going to do with 17 boxes of Christmas decorations?" he says. Sigh- holding on. Each item I picked holds some memory, a nugget of the past where we were happy, some more significant than others. What do I do with them hold on or let go? I wish I knew the answer, none of this is easy, but being that this is Christmas it makes it that much harder.

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The Haydens... said...

Letting go is a process and doesn't have to happen all at once. For every piece you let go of you have the opportunity to add something new, whether they be decorations or memories. These things take time, unfortunately! Hang in there, girl!