Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Day of Summer...

More things that I love about summer...
  • Sonic Ice Tea at Happy Hour. Only a $1.25 for 44 oz!
  • Long days...
  • Sleeping with the ceiling fan on. While most home improvement shows love to bash on the contraptions... you CANNOT live in Fresno without one in every room.
  • Sweet corn.
  • Ice cream.
  • Big Brother (the show)- YAY!
  • Sitting in the sun at swim practice every afternoon for 2 hours- much needed tanning time.
  • Cold beer and warm fruit. Our fruit trees are stocked full this summer, only a few more days of heat and the fruit will be perfect!
  • Nightly swims with the family and going to bed slightly wet- the best!
Happy First Day of Summer 2011! The longest day!

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