Friday, May 20, 2011


We live in a place that is freezing in the winter and hot, hOT, HOT in the summer. I love where we live even if it is hot, it isn't a big city (there is no Nordstroms- not that I know how to spell it, nor to I wish to shop there) and it isn't such a little town... (fortunately I am not 2nd cousins with everyone in my neighborhood). While most people who live in the northern portion of the US would never dream of travelling here, I love it! Mostly because of the Hot Hot Hot.
I {heart} summer!
The reasons I love summer-
1. a new reason- Kindle. My Mother's Day gift. I can read any book that I download within seconds without a trip to Costco or Target.
2. Pools. I lived in Fresno for most of my life without a pool- CRAZY! 3 years ago we finished our pool build project. I love the sound of the water falling on the rocks.
3. My life is complete when I am tan... my dermatologist is going to hate me next week for my tan lines but my whole persona changes when I have a tan. Oh well!
4. I like to get my hands dirty... from March 15 to August 1, I spend my evenings planting flowers, pulling weeds, and waging combat on backyard pests, specifically SNAILs! AGH!
5. Cigar smoke. On a good night Steve smokes one cigar in the backyard, my oncologist will curse me for this one day but for now it is one of the smells of summer.
6. Tequila! YUM!
7. Parties! Suddenly everyone is ready to come out for a party in the summer. We love to entertain, it is my hobby.
8. XX. Dos Equis. our favorite beer to drink while sitting around the bar on a summer evening.
9. Happy Hour... at Sonic. Half priced drinks with the best ice in the World!
10. 12 ft of blow up entertainment! I am looking forward to my newest piece of summer fun... an outdoor movie screen. My kids will never know about drive in movies... they don't exist anymore! What they will know along with text messages, cell phones, and instant books, movies, and music, is movies projected on their very own movie screen in their backyard.
By the way, the kids have been informed that their mom and dad will be "snow" birds after they leave the nest.

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Whitney said...

Ahhh, I am so ready for summer too! It is my favorite. And I so need to get a Kindle.