Monday, June 28, 2010

To Be or Not to Be...

Today is the beginning of week 3 of Summer Vacation and without a doubt we have been busy, with more busyness to come. There has been swim practice, water polo practice, a week of Cub Scout Day Camp, a dance recital, a weekend at the All American Soapbox Derby, 5 days in Vegas for mom and dad and 3 days in Disneyland for the kids with Grandma and PaPa Kuhtz, summer school! We haven't even hit July yet! There is still the Kuhtz Family Reunion and Zoo Camp for Jack, and Abby's birthday extravaganza.
I am most excited about August, and not because the kids go back to school. The kids and I will spend a week in Iowa at Great Grandma Keith's house. Then we come home and turn around and spend a week camping in Shaver with friends.
I may complain, but being busy is way better then being bored. Don't you think? :)

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